Our Story

A long time ago in the heart of the Montana countryside in the 1920s, my grandparents, Clara and Henry, were hardworking farmers with a deep-rooted appreciation for nature's bounty. Their farm thrived with life, each animal contributing not only to their livelihood but also to their holistic way of life.

In those days, resources were precious, and nothing went to waste. Every part of the animal held value, from the meat to the bones and suet. My grandparents understood the importance of utilizing all they had, not just for sustenance but also for nourishment and healing.

It was during one particularly harsh winter that my grandmother Clara stumbled upon an old family remedy for dry, chapped skin. With resources scarce, she turned to the tried and tested method of rendering beef tallow to create a soothing balm. To her amazement, the tallow worked wonders, providing relief from the biting cold and leaving her skin soft and supple.

As the years passed, my grandparents passed down their knowledge of tallow's benefits to their children, including my father, Michael. Growing up on the farm, my father witnessed firsthand the transformative power of tallow on the skin. However, it wasn't until 1999 that the idea of turning this family tradition into a business and his venture took place.

With a passion for skincare and a deep respect for his family's heritage, my father, Michael, along with my mother, Sarah, founded our family's skincare company. They dedicated themselves to crafting high-quality skincare products using the same time-honored methods passed down through generations.

With perseverance and a commitment to excellence, our family's skincare business flourished. Today, my siblings and I proudly carry on the legacy, infusing our products with the same nourishing tallow that has been cherished by our family for generations.

In a world inundated with synthetic skincare solutions, our commitment to natural, sustainable ingredients sets us apart. With each jar and bottle bearing the essence of our family's history, we continue to honor our grandparents' legacy while embracing the future of skincare.